Architecture Review Board

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) provides leadership and governance to enable Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a strategic capability providing UBC with a common vision for an architecture used to ensure alignment across information technology initiatives, trends, investments and direction across all its communities.

At a high level, the ARB advises the IT Advisory Council (ITAC), IT Capital Planning Committee (ITCPC), the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP), the CIO and UBC IT Leadership to ensure that:

  • UBC's IT architecture provides UBC with the necessary capabilities to support UBC's strategy.
  • The quality of proposed digital capabilities and technology solutions deliver the capabilities UBC needs and align to its overall architecture direction.
  • The technology risk to UBC is managed appropriately.

With a UBC-wide mandate, the Architecture Review Board's initial priority focus will be the Integrated Renewal Program. With the scope established between Finance, HR and Student domains, the Integrated Renewal Program must manage its technical complexity to deliver within the constraints of the program scope and available resources and account for the impact outside of the program scope on UBC's broader technology ecosystems. The ARB will be critical to the success of the implementation, providing the broad and integrated expertise required to make the best architectural decisions on behalf of UBC.