Data Governance Services

We have a set of processes to serve the UBC community. Effective Data Governance necessitates a set of University-wide repeatable processes. A process specifies a high-level set of tasks, the flow of the tasks, who is responsible for completing each task, and who needs to approve decisions.  To request a service, please use the linked buttons below. If you have a general inquiry or need assistance with your service request, you may reach our team at For further reading and information on these topics, please see our Reference Material.

Data management functions for which we have processes to serve the UBC community:

Data Access
You may request access to University data for purposes of administrative function, systems integration, research and/or external data needs that are consistent with UBC's mandate. Data is overseen by Data Stewards within each functional area. All requests to access to data will be reviewed based on factors such as privacy, security, administrative burden, and alignment with UBC values and priorities. If you are given access to UBC data, you will be required to agree to comply with terms and conditions. Request this service for requesting access to UBC data and reports. Learn more... Request Service
Data Quality
Data Quality refers to the degree to which data is accurate, complete, timely, and consistent with all requirements and business rules, for a given use. If you have identified a data quality issue within an enterprise system, our team will work with you to triage the issue and define next steps for resolution. Learn more... Request Service  
University Glossary
A collection of frequently encountered terms in the form of words, vocabularies, phrases, synonyms, acronyms, and codes. Students, faculty, and staff adopting the use of University terms, will be able to communicate and interact more accurately with meaningful concepts in a commonly understood language. Review our Guidelines on Defining University Glossary Terms prior to requesting this service to propose changes to an existing term, or adding a new term. Learn more... Request Service  
Data Standard
While data policies guide what to do and what not to do with regard to data, data standards are more detailed rules on how to do it. Specifically, data collection standards include rules for describing and recording data. Data standards can take different form depending on what they describe: they can assert how a field must be populated, rules governing the relationship between fields, detailed documentation of acceptable and unacceptable values and formats, etc. Data standards are drafted with input from stakeholders and Data Stewards, and require approval from the Data Governance Steering Committee. Request this service to update, create new, or deprecate an existing data standard. Learn more... Request Service
Reference Data
Reference data is any kind of data that is used solely to categorize, classify, or otherwise qualify or constrain Institutional data. It serves as a standard set of codes, values, words, or phrases to be leveraged in the University's operational transactions, external compliance's, and enterprise reporting and analytics. Use of standardized reference data, elevates data quality, and in turn, supports reliable data-informed decisions though consistent data and reporting. Request this service to make changes, additions, deletions to reference data. Learn more... Request Service
University Data Model

The University Data Model (UDM) is a structured representation of UBC's data domains and data elements that supports the university's business processes and reporting requirements. It also facilitates a common understanding of the meaning of university data.

Request this service to add to, or update the UDM.

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System of Record
A System of Record (SOR) is an authoritative system where data is created/captured and/or maintained through a defined set of rules and expectations. To ensure data integrity, there must be one system of record for a given data element or piece of information. Request this service for adding, removing, or changing a SOR. Learn more... Request Service
System of Reference
The System of Reference (SORef) is an authoritative system where data consumer can obtain reliable data to support transactions and analysis, even if the information did not originate in the system of reference. Request this service for adding, removing, or changing a SORef. Learn more... Request Service
Data Steward
Data Stewards are University business officials that have direct operational-level responsibility for the management of one or more types of institutional data, and who have the authority to make decisions about the data under their purview. Request this service if you are reporting any changes, additions, or removals to a Data Steward role assignment. Learn more... Request Service