Data Governance

Data Governance is a discipline that enables UBC to formalize and guide behaviour over the definition, production, and use of information.

Institutional data is a strategic asset for UBC; therefore, appropriate governance for management and use of data is critical to enable faculty, students and staff to make decisions. Inappropriate governance can result in inefficiencies and exposes the university to unwanted risk. A consistent, repeatable, and sustainable approach to data governance is necessary in order to protect the security and integrity of UBC’s data assets.

  • Data Governance Program

    Data Governance Program

    A list of objectives and guiding principles create a foundation for the UBC community to make sure data is protected as an institutional asset.

  • People


    Learn about the roles and responsibilities within the Data Governance structure and meet the committee members.

  • Policies Procedures and Guidelines

    Policies Procedures and Guidelines

    The pillars of data governance establish a framework to help people using technology enabled processes to make data driven decisions.

  • University Glossary

    University Glossary

    Look up a term or standard

  • Resources


    Resources to enable UBC Community Members access to data governance resources.

  • Integration Enablement Centre

    Integration Enablement

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