Integration Enablement Centre


UBC uses many complex integration systems, which may be stand alone, connected, legacy client server, web applications or scripts. An essential need among these systems is the ability to exchange data in a secure environment using common services. The Integration Enablement Centre (IEC) supports these common services by designing, building, enhancing, and maintaining Mulesoft Application Programing Interfaces (APIs), Enterprise Interface Builders (EIBs), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other tools as required. These tools are also used to make the relevant data available in a secure environment.   

IEC also provides consulting services for Workday integrations and new solutions to integrating systems.


Managing a common, consistent, secure and governed business and technical framework for exchanging data across UBC will provide the community access to relevant, just-in-time information.

IEC’s objectives include:

  • Ensure reliable, integrated, and accessible institutional data that enables people to make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Empower community to develop campus specific services and applications that leverage enterprise data.
  • Provide robust, secure, sustainable and reusable services. 
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement to further develop UBC’s data assets.
  • Promote enterprise integration as a strategic enterprise discipline and community enabler.
  • Develop and enhance internal integration functions and skill sets.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with Federal, Provincial (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA)) and University requirements and policy.

Data Delivery and Security

Data is delivered in a variety of formats, such as simple flat files or JSON messages, to align with the University Data Model (UDM),

To support data governance, IEC implemented the Data Access Framework (DAF) to securely grant API access to eligible users.

Current API at UBC

Visit the IEC API page for a list of all the available APIs. Each API on the list provides general information on its usage and how to request access via the DAF.

To enhance or build a new API, please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

Help and Support

To requests for support, please submit a ServiceNow ticket. In the description box, request the ticket be assigned to UBCIT – Integration Enablement Centre (IEC).

Requests can include: 

  • Questions on common services implemented by IEC
  • Questions on API’s or other tools that IEC has used to build common services
  • Requests for enhancements to existing APIs or common services
  • Requests for new APIs or common services

If you’re having issues accessing or using an existing API or common service, check the UBC IT Status page for any recent updates. 

If you are experiencing issues with access to links on this page, please submit a ServiceNow ticket