University Data Platform (UDaP)

The Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence team manages a platform to provide current and historical data from entities such as:

  • Finance (FMS and Workday)
  • Human Capital (HRMS, Workday, PAT)
  • Student (SIS, SISC, Scientia, SFA, PAIR)
  • IT Services (ServiceNow, and various other applications)

The data contained in this platform has been standardized under the Data Governance program, and this consumable data can serve as a source for reporting, analysis, and various system updates across the UBCV and UBCO campuses.

Source System Data Extracts & Merge into UDaP

UBC's enterprise data warehouse, UDAP, holds consumable data that receives nightly ETL (Extract Transform Load) processes, as summarized in the diagram below. Source systems are enhanced and added each year to provide a reliable and secure platform for datasets that are available to the community.

Data Integration & Tools

Two options are available for university-wide application integration, specifically for pulling data:

  • Informatica supports our daily refreshes for the more complex data transformation and update processes. 
  • Mulesoft supports the live fetches of data from major university applications, when real-time data is required in a business process.

For more information, please contact us directly at If you need to request access to data or an API, please see below. 

Data Access

Access to data can be provided as a direct pipe, a dataset, or as an extract. In order to determine what is best for your needs, contact our team to discuss further, or request access following our Data Access Framework