Information Security Standards Resources

To support all Users of UBC Electronic Information and System in meeting the requirements of the Information Security Standards, additional resources have been provided:

  • Procedures are a mandatory series of actions or steps performed to comply with an Information Security Standard.
  • Guidelines are non-mandatory details or suggestions on how to meet the requirements of an Information Security Standard.
  • Checklists are designed to assist with the systematic review of compliance of one or more requirements within an Information Security Standard.
  • Forms are documents designed to allow individuals to provide information as required by an Information Security Standard.

Links to resources that are referenced by specific Information Security Standards can be found on the Information Security Standards page. For even more resources, see the Information Security Tools guideline.

It is recognized that meeting all of the requirements in these Standards will take some time; therefore, each unit will be expected to develop an implementation roadmap for meeting these requirements. For more information about the Standards, see our Frequently Asked Questions.