PeopleSoft Decommissioning

It's been almost two years since UBC moved its human resources and finance functions from PeopleSoft to Workday. PeopleSoft is now scheduled to be decommissioned to reduce costs to the university, eliminate security risks, and allow us to focus on newly added systems.

Who will be most affected by this change?

Anyone who requires access to PeopleSoft HRMS, FMS and other reporting software applications linked through the PeopleSoft portal, including:

  • Hyperion
  • nQuery
  • SERA TAM (Tuition Allocation)
  • SEoT

What is changing?

As the PeopleSoft HRMS and FMS platforms are decommissioned, access through the PeopleSoft portal will be locked out

When will the change occur?

A  new replacement portal to access Legacy PeopleSoft tools (Hyperion, nQuery, TAM, SEoT) is available starting on October 28, 2022.

PeopleSoft accounts will be locked on October 31, 2022 at 6:00 pm PST

Instructions (see below) and access to Tableau reports replicating PeopleSoft screens will be made available also on October 31, 2022

PeopleSoft HRMS and FMS users

Commonly accessed screens from PeopleSoft HRMS and FMS are being replicated using Tableau. Tableau is a web-enabled reporting tool used by UBC.

For Human Resources related data not accessible directly through reports please email HR Support -

For Finance and other related inquiries for historical FMS data please use the ServiceNow ticketing system. Links to request service are provided at the bottom of the page.

A Data Release Acknowledgement (DRA) email was sent to people that have been actively using PeopleSoft. If you have received and accepted this acknowledgement you will be provided access to the Tableau reports.

The number of Tableau reports will increase over the first few weeks after decommissioning as they go through a stabilization period. Departmental access is also rolled out gradually.

Tableau reports (see instructions below) can be accessed on the UBC network or connected to the VPN if working remotely:
PeopleSoft Legacy Reporting -

New access can be provisioned by submitting a formal request on the Access UBC Data page.

For further information the Tableau support page is a good source of information.

Hyperion, nQuery, TAM and SEoT users

The following tools will continue to function after PeopleSoft is decommissioned:

  • Hyperion,
  • nQuery,
  • SERA Tuition Allocation Model (TAM)
  • Student Evaluation of Teaching (SEoT)

You will only be able to access them on the Legacy Reporting Tools page.

Go to Legacy Reporting Tools  

This page is protected and the applications are accessible only if you are on the UBC network or connected to the VPN if working remotely. Access is initially provided to people that have received and acknowledged the Data Release Agreement form sent via email over the month of October 2022.

New access can be provisioned by visiting the Access UBC Data page.

Access to old payslips and T4 documents

Former and current UBC employees may access online T4 data from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website and set up access to online services through the My Account for Individuals: The CRA will provide copies of your T4 or T4A data from previous years. Payslips prior to November 1, 2020 will no longer be available from PeopleSoft or Workday.

Tableau access for PeopleSoft screens
  1. Tableau Log In – Log in using the CWL username and password
  2. HRMS PeopleSoft/ Finance PeopleSoft
    • Navigate to the Explore menu
    • Based on the granted access levels, a user can view permitted folders under the 'Explore' Menu

  3. The report folder will display available report-sheets/tabs. A user can open any tab to view the report

  4. The sheets/tabs are highlighted in the following image. The filters are displayed on the right corner of the screen to enable users to search with different search criterion

  5. Users can sort column(s) using a sort option in the top right corner of the column heading

  6. Download Reports -Users can download reports in various formats.
    • The most widely used format for the download is Microsoft Excel/ CSV. The highlighted 'Crosstab' option will help the user download the report in excel/CSV format

If you require further assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

To request help with PeopleSoft HRMS replacement data and reports please email HR Support -