Privacy and Information Security Training

Nearly every UBC faculty and staff member has access to confidential information, including personal and financial information. As the disclosure or loss of this information could be very harmful, it's important for you to know how to protect it.

Free privacy and information security awareness training is available online for all staff, faculty, and graduate students. To get started, select one of the training options below:

Privacy & Information Security - Fundamentals

Privacy and Information Security – Fundamentals training is a mandatory requirement for faculty, staff, researchers, student employees and contractors who use UBC Electronic Information and Systems. The training consists of two parts, each containing five modules with videos, a synopsis of key points, and a short quiz to embed your learning.

Security Awareness Training

The training is supplementary to the “Privacy & Information Security - Fundamentals” training, and contains more detailed training on handling high risk information (e.g. PCI or working at a Help Desk)