Office of the CIO (OCIO) - UBC Information Technology (IT) – COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plans

UBC has developed a COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework for the gradual and phased reoccupancy of the university. The Framework aligns with BC's Restart Plan for COVID-19 and includes steps for the development and approval of UBC COVID-19 Safety Plans (CSP).

In alignment with UBC's COVID-19 Safety Planning Framework, OCIO-UBC IT's COVID-19 Workplace Safety Plan provides guidance for all OCIO-UBC IT staff returning to work on-campus. The plan includes a review of operational activities and directives to ensure effective measures are in place and followed across all OCIO-UBC IT sites to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and is intended as a guide for faculty, students, staff, and visitors. There are also unit-level plans (child plans) providing information for IT units conducting work on campus.

Safety Plans will be regularly reviewed and updated per mandated government and university requirements.

Parent Plan

Intermediate Plan: OCIO-UBC IT Safety Plan

Child Plans: OCIO-UBC IT Unit Level Safety Plans

Information about safety plans for UBC’s Okanagan Campus can be found on the AVP Finance & Operations Okanagan website.

Reference Links

For OCIO-UBC IT Health & Safety and Reoccupancy inquiries contact IT JOHSC